Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As you may remember, I've been reading Dark Horse's Knights of the Old Republic comics this year while waiting for the new game. The last volume I read was number four. However finding volume five was more complicated than expected. There was no listing for it on Amazon, they skipped straight to volume six. After a little research I found that was because it was part of a special crossover called Star Wars: Vector. At the time Dark Horse were running four separate Star Wars series set in different time frames. So Knights of the Old Republic volume five is actually contained in Star Wars: Vector volume one along with Star Wars: Dark Times volume three. I suppose crossover events are a staple of the comics world but it sometimes makes it tricky to follow the stories from volume to volume unless you're paying attention. The problem here is there are nearly 4000 years of time in between the two series here and so the link between the stories is pretty weak, involving a Sith artifact and suspended animation. The KOTOR part of the story seems a little forced and not really part of the ongoing story while introducing a new character only for the purpose of crossing over. There are some good moments but it is not the best entry in the series by a long shot. Although I'm still kinda interested in how the story of Carrick turns out but this series is in danger of losing me again. The second part of the story is much stranger. Having not read any of the rest of the Dark Times series it's all about characters I've never met before, other than Darth Vader of course. It's also much shorter than the first part and so doesn't feel like much more than an epilogue, 4000 years later. I was left a bit underwhelmed. I'll give the KOTOR series another chance of course as I enjoy that era and the fact it doesn't have to worry about fitting in with the films too much, also I'm already invested in the continuing story even if it isn't the greatest at the moment. As for the second volume of Vector, I don't think I'll bother.


  1. Wow, I don't know how you manage to keep track of it all, but I'm glad you managed to track down the missing volume - great detective skills!

  2. It doesn't actually need that much detective work. Generally someone has already done the work and a trip to Wikipedia is all you need! :D