Thursday, November 24, 2011

F1 for Free?

As the season draws to a close this weekend more news is coming out about the TV coverage deals for next year. As you many recall from a few months ago the coverage in the UK is moving from BBC to Sky. A lot of fans were displeased with this news. However I've just read something interesting which if unconfirmed at this point. Apparently for each race weekend Sky will be putting on a special dedicated F1 channel for the three days. I suppose this is so it doesn't interfere with the football or any of the other existing Sky Sports programming. The good part is this will apparently be free to basic Sky/Virgin customers, no need to subscribe to Sky Sports. Freeview customer will have to pay extra though. That's pretty much perfect for my situation, so long as the coverage is any good. It currently sounds like from the BBC team only Martin Brundle is making the move to Sky. Seeing as the championships were sown up weeks ago I expect this will be the major talking point in Brazil.

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  1. Very good news, let's hope the coverage is good then, but in any case at least you will now save the cost of a subscription.