Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Old Republic

It's been a while since I last played The Old Republic. Even though the NDA has been dropped on testing groups now I won't get too deep in to comparisons as it probably still applies to the old tests. I'll just say this, the core is still the same and nothing major has changed. However there have been lots of minor fixes and it feels like a much more polished game now. I've not played a lot yet this time around, they're letting people on in waves and I was in the Saturday afternoon wave. I'll put some more time in tomorrow. My biggest problem was deciding what character class to play. There are eight classes to choose from, four on each side (Republic/Sith). I've played four of them before in a previous test so I didn't want to play those again just yet. Also I don't want to play too much this time knowing that the characters will be deleted before than final release of the game. With the release less than a month away now I wouldn't want to repeat myself so soon. I still think my first character at release will be a Jedi Consular. So based on what I just said I probably choose the wrong class today, I opted to play a Jedi Knight. That's a different class to the Consular but they start on the same planet. I can post screenshots and video now! Videos need to render and upload, so that will be tomorrow. Until then here's a screenshot of Aren the Jedi Knight with a Mohawk.


  1. Oh, he is cool! What a nice-looking world. Not as nice as Skyrim world, but classy.
    It will be so special, when the game comes out, knowing that you helped to make it good.

  2. Yeah the graphics are a very different style compared to Skyrim. Going with slightly more cartoony/cel-shaded style rather than hyper-realistic. It looks better in motion as you can see in the videos in the next post. Also because it's Star Wars it takes place on multiple planets with a huge variety of environments, more so than Skyrim. I had meant to mention that in the post but forget.