Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gameplay Videos

It's a rare occasion when one of my You Tube uploads gets more than twenty views. Yet for some reason that happened for my Skyrim Journeys videos, I was not expecting that. I'd made those videos simply with the idea that a few non-gamers might like to see some of the world and scenery we're all talking about. I figured that would only have a small niche appeal. After looking at the analytics to see how people were finding the videos I found out something I had never considered. It turns out some people are using those videos as directions for how to get to places, as if the in-game maps and signposts were insufficient. Of course that never occurred to me! So seeing as they're proved to be a little useful and as they don't really have long term appeal I decided I'd do some more. I recorded a couple more during the week and uploaded last night along with some The Old Republic video which I'll talk about in a moment.

Skyrim Journeys - Solitude to Markarth

Skyrim Journeys - Winterhold to Windhelm

As I mentioned yesterday I've not played a lot in The Old Republic test yet this weekend but I did record a lot of that game play. As Bioware have obviously lifted the NDA this weekend in order to get some free promotion from users uploading screenshots and videos online I decided I would do my part. I've put up three game play videos which are just raw footage with little editing. If you're interested in the game but haven't been able to secure a testing spot then you've probably already seen a lot of these but this will show you my experience of the current version.

SW:TOR Test - Jedi Knight - Arrival on Tython

SW:TOR Test - Jedi Knight - Gnarls Cavern

SW:TOR Test - Jedi Knight - Jedi Temple

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  1. That is very interesting, the use people have been putting your vids to. It seems some people are needing additional help!
    I have been having a look at the Star Wars ones today, that is very detailed scenery too, and it is nice to see how much does echo the films.