Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Twice a year Eve Online gets a major new expansion and they change the subtitle. So this week Eve Online: Incarna became Eve Online: Crucible. There have been lots of little fixes and updates this time rather than one major new feature, however the most obvious changes have been in the graphics engine. After the introduction of the Minmatar Captain's Quarters last time, now we have specific quarters for each race and so they finally match whatever station you're in rather all being the same. They've added new starfields and nebula effect which makes all of space much prettier. The stargates even point to actual stars now. Various new visual effects have been added and updated as well including the engine trails and the warp effects. It's all looking very swish now. I've not been playing a lot in the last month or so due to everything else going on but this is tempting me back again.

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