Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skyrim Journeys

I managed an entire three days without talking about Skyrim again. However it's still the thing which is taking the majority of my free time and so I have little else to talk about today.

I've been thinking about videos and the fact I haven't done a gaming one for a while. So far though I've not thought of any good presentation ideas yet. I think for now I'm going to concentrate on the video blog side of things. However I did record a couple of game play videos from Skyrim. No editing in these, just recorded and uploaded. There are quite a lot of Skyrim related videos on You Tube at the moment of course but I added a couple more. Simple rides from town to town just to show off the scenery while moving rather than just a screenshot.

Skyrim Journeys - Riften to Whiterun

Skyrim Journeys - Whiterun to Falkreath

Also Skyrim is the most northern province of Tamriel and it seems when you go to the far north you get some great aurora in the sky at night. Of course I ended up taking some more screenshots. Oh and I bought a horse as well.

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  1. Look at you on your horse, that is great. I love the picture of you with the aurora in the sky. It's such a beautiful world. I could live there except for the giant spiders and fierce bears.
    The videos were lovely. What a lot of thought has gone into the scenery. I liked how there were birches lower down near Riften then spruce and pine as you got higher up. And the rivers, and the waterfalls! And the second one, how clever to make it look dark but so you could still see, it really looked like night time. So brilliant. I am not surprised you are spending a lot of time there just now!