Sunday, November 13, 2011

After The Fall: Volume 3

While browsing Amazon for Christmas and other gift exchange related reasons I noticed that the next volume of Angel: After The Fall was finally out in trade paperback format. These come out so infrequently that I'd forgotten it was even due. I've read it and I've enjoyed it but I'm having trouble thinking of anything in particular to say about it beyond that. The art is good for the most part and the story is good too. We have the conclusions to many plot threads and the start of new ones, it's very much "end of part one" territory. That's all well and good but there's no point in me trying to explain anything as so much wouldn't make sense unless you'd watched the TV series and read the other comics. So while I enjoyed it a lot, I can only recommend it to existing fans and they've probably all read it already!

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  1. Never mind, so long as you enjoyed it, that is the main thing.
    A nice surprise for you during your browsing!