Friday, March 2, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time an evil queen cursed the land of fairy tales and took away all the happy endings. Now everybody from Snow White and Prince Charming to Red Riding Hood and Rumpelstiltskin are stuck in our world all living in the town of Storybrooke with no memory of who they used to be. Now it's down to Snow White's long lost daughter to try and help everyone remember and break the curse. Of course she doesn't remember either and only has a book to go on. I've been meaning to try out this series for a while but didn't find the time until I'd finished with some other shows. There were various reason I wanted to see what it was about. Firstly it's starring the lovely Jennifer Morrison and the always brilliant Robert Carlyle. Then among the writers/producers are Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis who both worked on Lost. Also Jane Espenson and Andrew Chambliss who are both Whedon alumni as well as other things. There are various other crossovers to shows I've liked in the past as well. There are even some Lost related Easter eggs. Once I'd finally started watching I quickly became addicted. That's the problem with serialized mystery television, it's a constant tease. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger which drags you in to the next. So I got through the existing episodes quite quickly. However now I'm up-to-date so I have to wait a week like everybody else now.

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  1. What a clever idea for a plot, I like it! Glad you're enjoying it and that you're up to date now, that should help with the time management issues.