Thursday, December 15, 2011

What films have you seen?

I came across an interesting site today. It's called iCheckMovies. It's a site which uses IMDb data and allows you to create a profile and track what films you have seen and then compare lists with other users. Sort of like a social network for film fans, you browse the lists and tick the films you have seen and it keeps track of everything for you. I'm finding it very interesting. I'm sure I've not ticked every film I've ever seen yet but I hope to get close one day. I know I'm not even close yet because my current checked count is 333 but I own over 400 DVDs and of course I've seen way more than that. Now I can find lots of interesting stats. Of the top 250 films rated on IMDb I have only seen 94. However ranked by box office rather than rating I've seen 221 of the top 454. I have seen 31 of the top 50 Sci-fi films but I've only seen 5 of the top 50 romances. And going by decades it seems the majority of high rated films I have seen are from the nineties. You can see my profile here: and add me as a friend if you like. How many films have you seen?


  1. Oh, that looks fun, I want a go of that when I've got time. I bet you keep remembering other things you have seen and nipping back. I see that films can appear in more than one genre, which is good. I looked at your biography and history genres... but did not see the one I was looking for!
    You have seen so many - lots I haven't seen. I bet you have seen nearly every sci-fi movie there is. I bet I've seen more b&w 40s stuff than you, though!

  2. Oh dear. I just looked it up as I've seen it but not checked it yet.

    You probably don't want to look at the comments there!