Monday, December 19, 2011

So Many Words

If you'd told me two years ago how many words I would be writing per week now I would have laughed! First there is a blog post every day. Then there is a weekly column on new releases for a DVD collector forum and now I've got my video blogs going properly. I don't know if you get tell but the video blogs are generally scripted in advance. Even with all that I still can't seem to convince myself that I'm actually any good at it and I'm constantly second guessing myself. One thing that's suffered the most from that and my busy schedule is Doon's Reviews. I haven't made anywhere near as many posts there as I had originally planned to. I think some reorganization will be needed next year, although as always the blog will stay at the core and I'm going to keep that going daily.

1 comment:

  1. It is good to hear that you have decided to keep your blog going daily. You are indeed writing a splendid amount, and if there aren't as many reviews as you'd hoped, there is a lot of other stuff instead. It does not show at all that the video blogs are scripted. The narrative flows so freely and naturally. But I did guess that they really had to be - no-one's that fluent, except possibly presidents, prime ministers, etc. (BTW, have you ever noticed that in the USA, you run for public office, while in the UK, you stand. A neat metaphor for the difference between us, perhaps!)