Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chamber of Secrets

One problem I'm having due to reading all the Potter books as one long story and then writing about them a week later is that I'm having trouble remembering in which book some of the more minor events took place. Looking back I remember enjoying reading the book, but of the four I've read so far it seems to be the least distinct. Although now I'm thinking more things are coming back. The structure is very similar to book one, mostly limited to the school with our heroes investigating a mystery. Thanks to You Tube I've been aware of Harry Potter themed bands such as The Parselmouths or The Moaning Myrtles and now after this book I understand where those references come from. Ministry of Magic of course have a much more obvious name and they've a got a new album coming out soon. They're all a bit to electro-poppy for my tastes though.

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  1. LJ sign in still not working, so tried Google instead, yay, it works! This is very interesting how much of the details, names and so on, from the books have entered mainstream culture generally, so that you were already aware of so much before you even started reading. You are getting through them quickly - it must be good to be able to continue right away, and not have to wait for the next book to come out!