Sunday, December 18, 2011


And so the Project for Awesome for 2011 is over and after 24 hours of live events and video viewing over $60,000 has been raised for charity so far. It's been fun to get a few more comments on one of my videos than usual although of course that's not the reason for doing it. There is one problem though. The Project for Awesome started out essentially as an attempt to hack You Tube. At the time the main You Tube homepage showed the videos which were the most viewed and the most discussed. So an army of nerds rating and commenting on the same videos could hijack the frontpage. However since then it's become much harder as You tube has changed, especially since Google took over, to the point now that I didn't see a single P4A video featured on You Tube unless I searched for it. So it didn't seem like much of an impact was made outside the existing community who already knew what was going on. Still a record amount of money was made so that's still good, although as John Green said in one of the live streams, that's probably because over five years the Nerdfighters are getting older and getting better jobs. There's still time to pre-order John Green's exclusive P4A zombie short story for a $10 dollar donation to the the P4A fund at

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