Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goblet of Fire

So this is the first of the extended length books in the Harry Potter series. There is a lot more going on in the world outside the school this time and more before term starts as well. So even though the word count is larger it didn't actually feel longer just more detailed. The Tri-wizard competition was an interesting way to introduce other schools and characters while at the same time avoiding everything revolving around Quidditch for the fourth time in a row. However I felt like realistically it could have done with a couple more events. Not actually a lot of space in the book for them but with only three events it didn't really seem necessary for the foreign competitors to spend the whole year at Hogwarts. Finally at the end we have the proper return of You-know-who, I didn't expect that to take so long. However I guess you have to pace these things so it doesn't get repetitive.

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  1. The sheer length of this book was very interesting to me. By this stage, J K Rowling could have bought out the publishers, and if she said that's how long it was, that was how long it was. I think it just shows how long most books would be if the writers were not subject to the pruning of publishers' editors!
    I have read a lot of books that were just too short and lacking in the kind of background detail that this book gives so lavishly, and I just know they were longer to start with.