Saturday, December 17, 2011

Project for Awesome 2011

It's December 17th and so today is the for the Project 4 Awesome. That the day when the You Tube community (particularly the Nerdfighters and the HP Alliance) spend 24 hours upload videos about their favourite charities, then watches, rates and comments on each other's videos to push them to the top of the charts and expose them to more people. This is the fifth year it has taken place and the second since I heard about it. It's also my first year submitting a video of my own which I think turned out reasonably well, although if I'm honest it was a little rushed. You can of course find it on my You Tube channel linked on the right. There are various live events going on to feature some of the best videos, which excludes mine of course and you can watch those on the Vlogbrothers channel. To find out more visit

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