Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is from the same era as Dawn but probably not as famous to the general public, it's still good though. Just like Dawn of the Dead it's been a long time since I last watched this. There are quite a lot more attempts at shocks in this one but it's still not really a scary type of horror film, to me anyway. As each film goes by we get a bigger scope. In Night of the Living Dead we're just in a farmhouse on the day the zombies first appear. Then in Dawn of the Dead we have the following days and weeks as people find ways to survive. Now in Day of the Dead it's been months and we're with a group of soldiers and scientists in an old WWII bunker doing research and experimenting on the zombies. Of course as usual things go wrong and people start dying, probably mostly due to going a bit stir crazy after being stuck in a bunker for months. I must also take a moment to praise Arrow Video, the company who have but together the packaging for this and Dawn of the Dead. They are excellent quality with great film transfers, extensive extras and addition things like a Dawn of the Dead poster and a Day of the Dead comic. I've only recently learned about Arrow Video, it seems they specialise in quality releases of cult horror films. I'm very impressed and I expect these won't be the last I buy from them.

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