Monday, January 30, 2012

Dark Adrenaline

Final installment of the recent new album posts. This one is the new release that reminded me to pick up the other two. The new album from Lacuna Coil, Dark Adrenaline. More more striking than their previous album, I really enjoyed this. Of course I'd already heard a couple of tracks before as they previews them during their last tour which I saw late last year. The duet vocals always make for an interesting sound, something I've never seen in another band. Although I'm sure another exists somewhere. For obvious reasons Cristina Scabbia sometimes overshadows the rest of the band though, it was ages before I learned the names of the others. Even now I still forget sometimes. Although that's partly because they're difficult Italian names such as Cristiano Mozzati. Trip the Darkness is a great first single and I really liked Upsidedown as well. The cover of R.E.M's Losing My Religion is interesting but it's a bit odd to sing along to as you know the words but the timing it slightly different. Great album.

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  1. I remember you going to see them, I am glad you enjoyed the album too, nice review.