Monday, December 12, 2011

Order of the Phoenix

Things are starting to get serious now. Major preperations taking place and actual wizard battles in the end. Although he did apologise in the end Dumbledore's treatment of Harry here seemed a little rough. I guess he's always kept Harry somewhat out of the loop, but it seemed to be extra harsh here with everything else that was going on. This was another good book but again I'm having trouble deciding what I can actually say about it. Because of the way I'm reading the series it doesn't actually feel like a separate book. It's more like chapter five than book five if that makes sense. Also like I've said before I'm forgetting in which book some of the minor things happen. Is this the first book in which we meet Luna Lovegood or was she in Goblet of Fire? I think it was this one, she's a fun addition anyway. The blog has now caught up to where I'm reading, still part way through the Half-Blood Prince. So a post about that will come later and tomorrow we'll have something different for a change.

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