Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skyrim Creation Kit

A lot of people have been waiting for these and now they are available, mod tools for Skyrim. The Skyrim Creation Kit can now be downloaded from Steam, it's in the Tools section if you can't find it, I couldn't find it to start with. AS you probably know I've dabbled with many game editors over the years but I've never really have a lot of experience with Bethesda's offerings. I did a little experimentation with the Morrowind editor but that was many years ago. I never did anything with the Oblivion tools as I was still mostly working with Neverwinter Nights in those days. So opening the Skyrim tools is basically a brand new experience for me. My first impression was to be completely lost. That's fairly common for a program like this so I started reading the documentation and tutorials. It didn't take too long to grasp the basics and I added a new building to the world just outside Whiterun. Nothing complicated really but an interesting experience. The only problem I had was with the 3D navigation. Unless I'm missing something it seems to be one of the worst implementations I have ever seen. If these are the tools the developers used to make the game then I'm am seriously impressed with their patience. I suppose you would get used to them but that's not something I really have the time to do right now.

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