Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dominant Species

Spent this afternoon playing a new board game called Dominant Species. In the game you control a species and though various options and choices you have to grow and evolve that species to be the most dominant. We played twice, the first game was the first time I'd played but the others had so I didn't do very well. My arachnids started out quite well, but ended up being the least dominant. The second time I was playing mammals and this time I came in second place. Each turn there are a number of different actions you can choose from but you can't do them all and for some actions only one person can do it each turn. So your choices are very tactical and there is a lot to consider. Great game, I would play again.


  1. That looks very jolly! A nice change from playing on screen, I'm sure. Are all the species animal ones, or can you play as plants?

    1. LOL, you would think that, but I'm afraid it's all about animals.