Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Perpetual Testing Initiative

Today Valve have released a free update to the PC version of Portal 2 called the Perpetual Testing Initiative. It's basically an in-game puzzle editor. They've already released the full development tools in the past and you many even remember me mentioning starting experimenting with them. However tools like that are always extremely complex and take a lot of time to learn and use well. Time I never really had. One of the many reasons I not done a lot of level creation since the Unreal Tournament days. The new editor is a much more simplified option. It's all drag and drop, you don't have to worry about lighting presets or scripting properties or rendering. That's all hidden from view and this allows you to get straight to the puzzle creation part without worrying about the technical details. Of course there are many limitations compared to the full editor including limited textures and sizes. But what it does do is make it quick, simple and fun to make Portal puzzles and share them in the new Steam Workshop. I've made two levels so far just testing things out neither is particularly special but you can find them here: Slayster's Workshop. I'm currently working on a more involved more detailed puzzle.

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  1. Excellent that you can now go straight to the fun bits, I bet you have a good time with that.